Management SAF


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the executive body of the SAF. It is managed by the SAF President, two Vice Presidents and a secretary. The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors was elected at the General Assembly on April 28, 2022, and members sit for three  years.

Anton Ondrej – President

Viera Bakošová – Vice-President

Miroslav Bielčik – Vice-President

Peter Daniel – Member

Matej Firický  – Member

Iveta Griačová – Member

Peter Andrišin – Member

Filip Kasnár * – Member
E-mail: *elected on 13.12.2023

Vladimír Podolinský** – Member
E-mail: **elected on14.02.2024

Council of Elders

The controlling body of the SAF is the Council of Elders (Supervisory Board), headed by the Chairman. The current Council of Elders was elected at the General Assembly on April 28, 2022, and will sit for three years.

Miroslav Galamboš – Chairman

Miloslava Zelmanová – Member

Peter Markovič – Member

František Sieklik – Member

Jana Šnircová – Member

Viera Laszová – Member

Working Sections of the Association 

The working sections oversee and guarantee the professional activity of theSAF and membership is restricted to those belonging to the SAF. The sections’ task is to prepare relevant comments on government legislation and to communicate with the state administration authorities.

Section for financial management – Anton Ondrej, MBA.

Working committee for the financial market –  Ing. Viera Bakošová.

Section for taxes, customs, financial accounting, and reporting –  JUDr. Matej Firicky.

Section for education –  Ing. Peter Daniel.

The magazine Financial Manager
Miloslava Zelmanová – Editor in Chief

Peter Krištofík – Deputy Editor

Lenka Lehocká – Executive Editor
E-mail: kancelaria@asocfin.s