14. SAF conference: Corporate Financial Management 2016

Program expert governance by Jozef Makúch, National bank of Slovakia governor

25.10.2016 Tuesday, Grand opening, 18:00 CET

– SAF Personal contribution in corporate finance area award 2016,

– CECGA „The best annual report “award,

– 20. Year’s anniversary of establishing SAF – co-workers awarding,

– 20. Year’s anniversary of establishing SAF – FRAGILE musical performance,

– Reception for conference members and guests.


26.10.2016 Wednesday, Conference


1)    Macroeconomic Block – economy progress   

–       Jozef Makúch, NBS governor, Slovak economy outlook

–       Ministry of finance SR, fiscal policy, specific issues of economic development


2)    Global and European economic policy – general direction and business impact    

OECD recommendations for changes in Global rules for international taxation (BEPS) in EU context, latest EU development – ATAD, dispute resolution, CCCTB proposal restoration. What is the next step, what are the OECD, EU plans?

– Tax heavens and business activities, Tax policy and business environment in region of Central Europe,

– Is there potential for BEPS / ATAD to increase or decrease competition of OECD and EU countries?

– Is there an opportunity for countries like China, India, Brazil, Singapore… to attract more investment by promoting greater economic freedom?

–  What is / will be the impact of BREXIT for further BEPS/ATAD development?

Panel members: Ms. Grace Perez-Navarro, deputy director, Center for Tax policy and administration, OECD,

European commission representative,

Dana Meager, state secretary, MF SR,

Alena Schillerová, deputy minister, MF ČR,

Romero Tavares, Researcher and Lecturer at the Global Tax Policy Center, Vienna University of Business and Economics

–       Panel Head – Branislav Ďurajka, KPMG partner


3)     Digitalization of companies as a trend

–        What is the impact of digitalization for financial director´s job? What are the opportunities and risks that come with it? Digitalization changes the processes and systems and business models. What does it mean for CFO?

  • The view from consultant/IT visionary on impact of digitalization on business models of companies and CFO
    Tomáš Kysela, CTO PosAm
  • CFO with a successful story of business / financial transformation based on digitalization, Martin Hrežo, CFO Svet zdravia,

–        What does Cloud enable, Miroslav Pikus, Slovak Telekom

–        Self-service – way to cost efficiency and customer satisfaction, Jirko Laznicka, Orange

–        Digital Marketing – do you know what every EURO invested in marketing brings back? – the ability to make marketing campaigns more effective, increase sales rates and measure the return on marketing investment.  Branislav Kohl, Dataconcept

–       Panel HeadMarián Bodi, ISDD


4)    Risk management Block

–       Impact (risk) on company financing by banks – daughters with safer rating in case mothers´ rating is worse,

–       Company risk management – relationship with banks – do companies consider local banks ratings, do they follow the mother´s development, does the mother´s development influence the daughter’s business model if so – how?

–       Risk management and relationship with suppliers and clients, vendors – how do companies use all information available about their partners? Information from tax office, insurance companies, etc. digitalization and information publishing has great influence on risk management in companies.

Panel members: Jan Martin Nufer, Director Treasury & Funding, Borealis Group Austria.

           Miroslav Štrokendl, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., 

           Jens Kellerbach, CFO, board member, VW Slovakia

           Slovak company CFO

 Panel Head – Iveta Griačová, Interim