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SAF Member Benefits

Each member of the Slovak Association of Finance and Treasury (legal or natural person) may participate in the following benefits:

  • Members of the SAF have the opportunity to comment on laws and actively involve in the process of drafting and approval of laws (above standard cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of the SR and the Committee of the National Parliament of the SR on Finance and Budget) through the technical working committee of the SAF.
  • SAF members have the opportunity to participate actively in formulating conclusions of the annual conference of the SAF – Financial Management of Enterprises, the themes of which are dedicated to the most important current problems within the respective area.
  • Through the EACT, the member of which the SAF is, members of the SAF have the opportunity to participate in the commenting process of the formation and development of European directives and control the process of their applications into national legislation. Economic information, materials, documents and literature published by the International Group of Treasury Associations and the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (IGTA and EACT) and other international organisations are available for members of the SAF.
  • SAF members can participate in formal and informal professional, social and sporting events to exchange views of the representatives of banks, business sector and academia on economic issues.
  • Members of the SAF, individuals, can acquire participation in international educational programmes for treasury and financial risk management professionals; the certificates obtained in such programmes are valid and recognised worldwide. SAF members can obtain discounts on some programmes.
  • Members of the SAF are provided with free professional magazine Financial Manager published by the SAF, in which they can present their expert opinions and views.
  • SAF members are provided with discounts on seminars, workshops and conferences organised by the SAF (usually half or more of the prices for non-members) in the field of taxation, accounting, corporate finance, corporate management and governance as well as other specialised areas of the Slovak and EU economy related to sources of financing the business sphere.
  • The discounts are more significant in the case of a legal person, the SAF member, as there is a possibility of representation of such a collective member by several persons.

Management Board of the SAF
Bratislava, April 2009